Law enforcement in Piedmont respond to viral TikTok ‘challenge’ to bring gun to school

Piedmont Triad News

(WGHP) — Parents and law enforcement agencies across the Triad breathed a sigh of relief Friday night after a day on high alert because of the latest TikTok “challenge.”

The nationwide trend encouraged kids to come to school with a gun and commit violence. The trend was being called “National Shoot Up Your School Day” on the app.

“This is no different than a terrorist threat,” said Captain Brian Grubb with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. “With the latest Tik Tok trend, I don’t know how it could get any worse.”

The threat spread like wildfire on the app. While the threats weren’t directed at any school in particular, it made parents like Brandy Hollman concerned.

“Not only does it tear the children’s nerves up, but as parents, you’re worried about their safety,. Then you wonder why are children doing all this crazy stuff,” said Hollman.

Both of her daughters go to West Davidson High School. The principal sent a note Thursday night asking students to leave their book bags at home and to only bring the few essential items they needed.

Officers say these trends disrupt learning and the classroom environment.

“Kids can’t get the information that they need because their mind is side-tracked from sharing this stuff,” Grubb said.

The threats, even if they’re empty, come with serious felony-level consequences.

“Don’t retweet. Don’t retik-tok the message,” said Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough. “If you get it, you don’t have to retweet it. You can say something to someone and let a law enforcement official know we’re on it.”

They’re asking parents to keep an eye on their kid’s screens.

“Be in their lives. They don’t have a right to privacy. They don’t pay bills. They don’t pay for these phones,” said Davidson County Sheriff Richie Simmons.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office did arrest three juveniles for reporting false threats of mass violence on educational property. According to the sheriff’s office, the threats are not related to the Tik Tok challenge.

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