ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People showed up for work this morning at Klaussner Home Furnishing only to find out they didn’t have a job.

On Monday, the team sent out an email to employees saying that they shut down all operations across the state.

For many former employees, Tuesday morning was the first time they had heard about it.

Some people were angry, confused and worried. 

Many showed up at Asheboro’s unemployment office, and others were already out looking for jobs across the Triad.

Former employees say the shutdown came so suddenly that they had no warning it was happening, and now it’s just a scramble to find work to feed their families.

“They just shut down and lay everybody off,” said former Klaussner employee Ted Hodges.

Some people showed up to work at Klaussner like it was a normal Tuesday, and they soon found out it wasn’t. They said they never got the letter sent out to employees.

After getting turned around at the plant, many made their way to the unemployment office.

“No indication at all. I didn’t hear anybody say anything about this,” Hodges said.

Hodges has worked at Klaussner for 10 years. With a family of five, bills stack up pretty quickly. 

“I’m going to the unemployment office and see if they can help me, and I’ll keep looking for jobs the best they can. I’m only 49 years old, so that’s going to be rough,” Hodges said.

Alberto Antonio Guardado has called Klaussner home for 27 years. He also found out Tuesday that he was out of a job   

“We know that the economy keeps going down, but at least they should tell people. Not do this all of a sudden,” Guardado said.

That’s what has angered most people: not just losing a job, but how it all went down.

Now it’s a scramble to find work, and while there are opportunities out there, former employees know they need to move quickly

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“A lot of people are going to High Point. They called me from High Point to find a job. Others went to Greensboro. It’s hard because we got to pay for house and cars,” Guardado said.

The unemployment rate in Randolph County is fairly low at just under 4 percent. 

City and county leaders say there are more jobs coming to the county, so hopefully these laid-off workers find jobs close to home.