‘It’s frightening’: Winston Salem man witnessed his grandson get hurt in hit-and-run on Teague Road

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — This time of year, kids get extra excited about what could be coming and going in the mail.

A ten-year-old boy crossed the street to place mail in his family’s box and never made it back.

A driver hit the child and drove away, police say. The boy is out of the hospital with minor injuries including bruises, cuts and road rash. 

“It’s awful when you see it coming, and it’s…nothing you can do. it’s frightening,” said Donald Brewer, the boy’s grandfather.

Brewer watched a car head down Teague Road in Winston-Salem on Monday afternoon between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. and slam into his grandson.

“When you see your grandchild hit and come over the top of the car, hit the windshield, bounce off the hood like a rag dog and hit the side ditch, it’s scary,” Brewer said. 

Brewer admits the driver may not be fully at fault, but he’s angry the person did not stop.

“That’s what I’m upset about: how someone could not have a conscience. Whether it’s a kid, it doesn’t matter who it was, just to keep going,” he said.

This is how it all happened, according to grandpa.

“I was bringing the trash up, and my grandson had the mail. He wanted to put the mail in the box, so he got off the golf cart, went by the road and I told him ‘be careful,'” Brewer said. “When he started to come back across, he looked up the road, and he was walking. And in the time he looked down the road, he was hit.”

Brewer says a white four-door sedan kept going. He didn’t have time to get a license plate number.

“You hurt a youngin’. You could have killed that child, and you’re lucky you didn’t kill him ’cause that’s something I would have not got over. That’s my only grandson,” Brewer said./

The speed limit on Teague Road is 45 mph. People living in the area believe people go much faster. 

“They fly through here, slow down some. You’re in a neighborhood. You’re not out here on a country road. We got apartment complexes. Homes that have kids. Think about what you’re doing when you’re behind a wheel of a car,” Brewer said. 

He hopes all drivers are more aware after this story, especially the person who refused to stop sending a boy to the hospital days before Christmas.

“Whoever you are, think about what you’ve done. You owe this family an apology if nothing else,” Brewer said.

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