‘It all happened so fast’: Greensboro woman who had car stolen shares warning

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Nearly 20 cars have been stolen and dozens more broken into around Greensboro in the last four days. Homes and businesses have been targeted — some in broad daylight.

Alysse Messick is one of 18 victims of car thefts around Greensboro since Dec. 25.  She says she thought her car would be safe since it was tucked away on a hidden driveway off of a busy road in Greensboro.

She says she had been home all day the day her car was stolen. Her boyfriend was planning to leave in her car but first got her something out of it and took it inside to her. She says he left the keys inside for around two minutes. When he went back outside to get in the car, it was gone.

“Within the span of two minutes, the car was just not there anymore,” Messick said. “It all happened so fast. Broad day light along a busy street.”

Her car was returned the next day with minor scratches, but nothing had been taken from the inside.

“I feel very lucky. It happened so quickly, too. I could have never expected that it would be so fast,” Messick said. “It just taught me to be a little more cautious.”

It’s not just homes that are being targeted. Thieves are targeting busy shopping centers as well.

Cars were stolen from the McDonalds on Cone Boulevard and the Battlefield Center parking lot on New Garden Road just days apart from one another.

Police say many of the targets were cars that were not secured. Some had the keys left inside them. Of the 18 cars stolen, five have been recovered.

It’s a reminder to those who live and work in the area to protect themselves no matter how safe they feel.

Greensboro police say the majority of the vehicles targeted were unlocked or unsecured. Some had the keys left inside them.

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