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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) —Ice is the danger right now. Everything that melts during the day is refreezing at night. 

People in a neighborhood off West End Boulevard in Winston-Salem where the hills have caused people to slip and slide.  

“We walked all the way up to the top with the kids and did a little sledding so that was great. That was awesome,” said Saami Yazeani who lives in the area. 

“Put your ice skates on first, because it is dangerous.” Patty Mead, who was driving through, said. 

What started as some fun in the snow…  

…Has turned into an ice-skating rink of sorts in this neighborhood. 

“Right now it’s insanely icy. Poor Niiko here was sliding, and he couldn’t even get traction and he has some long nails,” Yazeani explained.   

And it’s not just dogs having trouble getting around. FOX8 captured video as a white Lexus pulled around a grey van and started skidding. Luckily, the driver of the white Lexus got control of the vehicle.  

“We got a front row seat trying to watch them get up this hill which most cars were not able to do,” said neighbor, Andrew Boudin. 

It’s hills like that around the neighborhood that has caused the city to put up signs warning about conditions and closed roads all throughout the neighborhood warning people about the conditions.  

Yazeani and his family are playing it safe. 

“We haven’t ventured out yet. I’m hoping around 1 PM or 2PM, once it’s about 40 (degrees) we will give it a go,” Yazeani said. 

But for people like Mead, who were in the neighborhood for work, getting around in this neighborhood was necessary. 

“We deliver regional produce to people in Forsyth County, helping the farmers of our state,” Mead explained.  

She’s had to find alternate routes to make her delivers Tuesday.  

“I was about to head down the hill behind me on pilot view, but a truck, a big truck came up the hill and said, ‘ma’am don’t go that way. I went that way and I almost hit two cars.’ So, I’m at the top of the hill figuring out what I can do next, except I don’t think I can turn around because it’s all ice,” Mead explained. 

City Link officials said its focus right now is salting and brining roads like this until the temperature allows the ice to break up—otherwise it makes for an even more slippery situation.  

The reason a lot of people are still snowed into their neighborhoods is because of how this weather event happened.  

We had rain and that froze over, then add a layer of snow and sleet to that and you essentially have a big chunk of ice.  

Randy Britton from City Links told FOX8, they tried plowing the roads that connect the neighborhoods to the major roads Monday night, only to find a layer of ice underneath. So, they stopped on which made things worse with the freezing temperatures.  

They’re asking you to please help them by staying home if you don’t have to be out to allow their crews to treat the street.