(WGHP) — As warmer weather approaches and outdoor activities become more popular, communities in the Triad are taking proactive measures to enhance park safety.

Forsyth County has emerged as a leader in creating a safe park experience through various initiatives. These include gated parks, locked restrooms, weekend security personnel and well-lit parking areas. 

An exciting addition to Forsyth County’s safety efforts is the implementation of address points along heavily frequented trails. Placed strategically every 1,000 feet, these address points feature clear signs displaying location information.

Seamlessly integrated into the E-911 system, they enable swift emergency responses and assist in locating individuals who need help.

“Our goal is to provide parks where visitors feel safe, allowing them to fully enjoy their surroundings without worry or anxiety,” Director of Forsyth County Parks & Recreation Christopher Weavil said.

With the installation of address points nearing completion, Weavil expressed optimism that this new system will further strengthen park safety.

Guilford County also recognizes the importance of park safety and has implemented its own proactive measures to ensure visitor security.

The county has installed camera systems in several parks and ensured well-lit trails even during evening hours. Local law enforcement conducts regular patrols from dawn to dusk, providing an additional layer of protection for visitors.

Assistant Director of Guilford County Parks & Recreation Anthony Ellison emphasized their dedication to visitor safety.

“We are committed to addressing concerns promptly and proactively responding to any incidents within our facilities,” Ellison said.

He encouraged park visitors to tell someone they trust about their plans, including expected return times. Additionally, Ellison said park staff members are available to accompany visitors during their park visits.

Both Forsyth County and Guilford County emphasize the importance of staying vigilant and aware of surroundings while enjoying park amenities and trails.

If any suspicious activity is observed or suspected, immediate notification to the authorities is strongly encouraged to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone.