(WGHP) — If you can, you’ll want to stay off the roads Monday. Officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation say the roads could still be dangerous.

Conditions on the main interstates improved over the morning hours as snowplows continued clearing ice and snow.

Greensboro and Guilford County crews say they are seeing some vehicles sliding on roads and some drivers getting stuck.

Black ice is expected concern for those trying to get out early. It’s these conditions that NCDOT says causes drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

“Folks are going to have been in the house for a whole day,” said John Rhyne, NCDOT maintenance engineer for Division 9. “They’re going to want to get out on the secondary roads where we have not been yet. They are snow-covered, ice-covered, and they are slick in places so I would encourage folks to stay home a little bit longer. Let us get our trucks out there tomorrow morning and start making some efforts on those secondary roads.”

NCDOT’s DriveNC.gov provides a state map highlighting which counties are still seeing frozen-over roads. All of western and most of central North Carolina is still seeing problem areas. Eastern North Carolina is indicated as clear.

DriveNC.gov map shows problem areas in North Carolina

In Guilford County, interstates and primary routes are only partially covered with snow and ice. Secondary roads are still covered with snow and ice.

In Forsyth County, interstates are clear with possible icy spots. Primary and secondary routes, however, are still covered with snow and ice.

The rest of the Triad is still seeing most roads and interstates partially to fully covered in snow and ice.

NCDOT crews will be focusing on highways and interstates, which are the primary routes, as the sun comes up. Then, crews will move on to secondary routes, which include neighborhoods and back road areas.