ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The Asheboro Police Department removed about 16 homeless camps near Highway 64 and other areas within the city limits. 

While the work has been successful, the team has witnessed a housing backlog for these people.

A mirror, several tents, bicycles and even fences are up to make it feel safe.

“I can imagine the distress that these people are going through, especially if there’s young kids involved,” resident Raymond LaMantia said. 

This year, Asheboro police found 18 homeless camps within the city limits, especially Hwy 64.

It’s an issue people complained about. 

“I feel intimidated every time somebody is panhandling … I feel sorry for him. But a lot of times, same people over and over and over again,” LaMantia said.

Police removed most of them as an effort to clean out camps throughout the city, but there’s still a few to go. 

Right now, in the city of Asheboro there are approximately 54 people who are homeless living in the camps. 

“Every time you pass them, you say, ‘Why can’t they do something with this? And make it so these people have a shelter and a place where they can go and be safe without being on the street,'” LaMantia said. 

Although there are several homeless shelters throughout Asheboro, city leaders are seeing issues with housing these people. 

“The housing is backlogged, and placing the individuals, and whether it be under Section 8 … They’re just on a waiting list, and then they have to wait,” Asheboro Police Department Master Police Lieutenant Eddie Howell said.

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Sometimes, folks choose to wait outside.

“It’s terrible … I don’t see it getting better. I really don’t. I hope it does, but there needs to be something done in the community as far as housing,” LaMantia said.

Police have talked with the landowners about removing the last two homeless camps.