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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — It is a startling sound when you are fast asleep and more unnerving when there are children in your home.

One mother used social media to share how frightened she is about a random bullet hitting her home.

Neighbors say this has been going on for at least two years near South Scientific Street.

People living in the area say sometimes the rapid gunfire makes them feel like they’re living in a warzone.

Some of them were so terrified they refused to speak with FOX8 on camera.

“Last night was two gunshots, tonight they unloaded the whole clip,” says a neighbor in a 911 call. “I mean and this ain’t the first time, I called over, but I mean this has got to stop.”

On Dec. 15 around 2 a.m., this is what woke people up in the community.

“I mean they scare a lot of people, and they think, ‘Oh I can’t call,’ but no. I’m paying for my house, I’m calling.”

Police have responded to the area multiple times over the last year.

“This had got to quit,” a neighbor said.

There is a neighborhood watch in this area and some people have installed security cameras, but neighbors say it may not be enough if this continues.