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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHIP) — Are you seeing more positive numbers at the gas pumps as the holiday travel season nears?

Prices have, for the second consecutive week, dropped across the Piedmont Triad, with GasBuddy, a national fuel monitoring source, finding an average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline of $3.09 in and around Greensboro.

GasBuddy, which surveys hundreds of gas outlets across the Triad, says that price is $13.3 cents lower than a month ago but $1.14 higher than a year ago.

The lowest recorded price reported in the Triad was $2.77 per gallon, and the highest was $3.49. But those are just from the 500-plus stations in greater Greensboro.

A survey of selected areas in the greater FOX8 viewing area showed that Stuart, Virginia, had the most balanced prices in markets with more than two outlets reporting, showing only 4-cent swings between highest and lowest prices.

The lowest price reported in North Carolina was $2.68, with the highest at $3.49, GasBuddy reported, and prices across North Carolina averaged $3.10 per gallon, down about 3 cents from the prior week. Winston-Salem ($3.15) and Durham ($3.25), as examples, showed slightly higher prices than did Greensboro.

Comparing prices

Reidsville had only a 7-cent swing between its highest and lowest prices, and the margins for several other areas were either 10 or 15 cents.

WGHP searched the price map across the region and found these comparatives:

  • Asheboro: $2.90-$3.05.
  • Asheville: $2.98-$3.38.
  • Boone: $3.13-$3.29.
  • Burlington: $2.99-$3.39.
  • Charlotte: $2.99-$3.29.
  • High Point: $2.80-$3.29
  • Lexington: $2.79-$3.29.
  • Mocksville: $3.19-$3.29.
  • Mount Airy: $3.10-$3.19.
  • Raleigh: $2.75-$3.34.
  • Reidsville: $3.09-$3.16.
  • Stuart, Virginia: $3.05-$3.09.
  • Wilkesboro: $2.94-$3.09.
  • Wilmington: $2.87-$3.29.
  • Winston-Salem: $2.79-$3.29.
  • Yadkinville: $2.94-$3.09.
  • Yanceyville: $2.99-$2.99.

All of that is a little better than the national picture, which saw prices decline by 2.4 cents, to $3.32. Prices have dropped 9 cents in the past month, GasBuddy reports.

Behind price swings

Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy’s chief petroleum analyst, cited the lower cost for a barrel of crude oil as the chief factor in the declining prices, and he cites the uncertainty caused by the omicron variant of the novel coronavirus as being a factor, too.

“U.S. gasoline demand last week fell to the lowest level since October, which may limit oil’s recent rebound and keep gas prices declining through the end of the year,” he said.

GasBuddy provided some historic comparison for the current prices, too: On Dec. 13, 2020, the average was $1.95, but on Dec. 13, 2013, it was $3.21.