KERNERSVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A Kernersville Middle School student may face legal consequences after a handgun and a knife were found on the school’s campus.

On Tuesday morning, Kernersville Middle School Principal Lisa Duggins informed parents that a handgun and knife were found in a student’s backpack.

Duggins emphasized that no students were threatened or harmed, and the gun and knife were never shown or used.

Police confiscated the weapons and are now seeking a juvenile petition against the student. The student will also be disciplined per school policy.

The weapons were found as school administrators were searching a student suspected of having a vaping device.

Below is the full statement issued by Duggins:

Good morning parents,

This is Lisa Duggins, principal at Kernersville Middle School. This morning shortly after our buses arrived on campus, our administrators were conducting a student search after reports that a student may be using a vaping device on campus. While performing the search, they also found a handgun and knife inside the student’s backpack. It is important to note that all students are safe as no students were ever threatened or harmed. The gun and knife were never displayed or used in any way. Our law enforcement partners have confiscated the items. The Kernersville Police Department will seek a juvenile petition against the student for having a weapon on school property and the student will be disciplined according to the District’s Code of Character, Conduct, and Support.

Again, all students are safe, and we want to remind you all reports of illegal substances and weapons are always taken seriously. We appreciate students making us aware of anything that concerns them, and we appreciate parent’s support in making sure students do not come to school with any item that can do harm to others. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.