GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Three weeks from Monday, the new school year starts.

Parents from Brown Summit Middle School, say they just found out the school bus will not be picking their kids up at home this year. Some parents that spoke with FOX8 say they are at a loss for what to do.

Instead of the school bus coming to your house or at a neighborhood spot, students going to BSMS will have to be dropped off at a community spot, which is located at a separate school often miles away from their house.

“Instant panic,” said Melanie Huynh-Duc, a mom of a BSMS student.

That was her reaction the moment she received an email from Guilford County Schools on Friday evening that said there would be no house or neighborhood bus stops this year.

“We should have known this in May. That would have influenced all of our decisions on whether or not to send our children to a school 30 minutes away,” Huynh-Duc said.

Her son, Timothy will be starting seventh-grade at BSMS in three weeks. She hopes it will still happen.

“I presented him with the option of switching schools … He wants to stay. That is why I am fighting this fight. I want to do all I can to just get a bus ride home,” she said.

BSMS offers advanced academics, and students come from all over the county, unlike a traditional neighborhood school.

“I heard such amazing things about this particular program, and every parent wants what is best for their child, so we made the decision and sacrifice to send him there, and he has thrived,” Huynh-Duc said.

For the first time this school year, Noel Pabon’s child will be going to BSMS, but the bus changes are causing concern.

“My child is on the spectrum … While they are very confident in their math and science, their social skills and street smarts that is lacking,” Pabon said. “I can’t have my kid walking three miles to Dudley on their own.”

His child Nebula was accepted to multiple magnet schools but now is regretting choosing BSMS.

“If transportation needs us to bring our kids to a junction point, what is the point of having transportation? If I could do that, I would have just driven them right to school,” Pabon said.

The parents have not heard back from the district about their concerns.

“At some point, we need the answers. We should have had these answers in the spring not three weeks before school starts. That is unacceptable,” Pabon said.

Some of the students will be grandfathered in and will still be picked up at their homes or neighborhood spots.

More than 100 other students from BSMS will not have that option.

The final community spots will be decided next week. GCS is looking to add additional spots depending on where the students live. The district was not clear how other magnet schools were also impacted if at all. 

The district says the reason for the change was to accommodate the after-school activities, which went into place last school year.