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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Greensboro Police and surrounding law enforcement agencies are investigating the recent illegal riding of dozens of 4-wheelers and dirt bike riders. 

The illegal ride event happened Sunday afternoon along most high trafficked areas in Greensboro and High Point, including Wendover Avenue, English Street and parts of Swing Road. 

“In reality, it’s causing creating extreme danger and it’s just causing havoc where it shouldn’t be,” said Detective Jason Warren, Greensboro Police Department. 

Sergeant Robbie Ferrell with the Greensboro Police Department said about 75-100 people were riding dirt bikes and ATVs.

“When I saw them there was a large group probably 75-100 dirt bikes popping wheelies, they were running red lights they were driving careless and reckless, several of them didn’t have helmets on,” said Ferrell.  

Ferrell said the riders violated several traffic laws including reckless driving, running red lights and illegally using the bike on city streets. 

In footage captured by several people around the city, the riders can be seen weaving in and out of traffic. During the ride, the dirt bikes, and ATVs, rode in the opposite lanes of traffic and blocked traffic at several intersections causing a complete stop for drivers on the road. 

“The public streets, not the place for it, it’s just the danger factor not only to themselves but to other individuals, pedestrians and motor vehicles alike,” said Detective Warren. 

Ferrell said Sunday’s event was sporadic, the most officers could do at the moment was chase down riders that came across them. He said the shortage of officers makes finding the riders a bit challenging. 

“It’s frustrating because you want to be able to enforce the laws, but they don’t stop when you try to pull them over,” said Sergeant Ferrell. 

Ferrell said several of the officers did follow some of the drivers and are currently investigating possible charges to potentially seize anything they have been riding on.