Greensboro neighbors voice concerns over proposed medical building along West Friendly Avenue

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People in one West Friendly Avenue neighborhood are voicing their opinions as to why commercial buildings do not belong in their neighborhood.

Lauten Crow, developer management with Simpson Commercial Real Estate, said a medical office would be at the intersection of West Friendly Avenue and Muirs Chapel Road.

Crow said the medical office would be two stories and 40,000 square feet.

Kimberly Burke has lived in the neighborhood for five years and said the potential building would be in her backyard, taking away forested areas where it’s already lacking.

“It will shade our backyard, we have 27 species of birds and deer, and we live in the city, so it’s a really cool getaway, and all of that is going to be wiped out,” Burke said.

Other neighbors like Laine Tousey, who also lives near the potential site, said it would cause safety hazards and more congestion with cars.

“The neighbors believe that it is not a good idea. It’s going to increase traffic, which is already a problem in the area. That would lead to safety concerns. They’re asking to take a lot of property and put concrete down,” Tousey said.

Another concern is the historical Kimrey-Haworth home that would be removed if the new development comes in and builds over it.

It’s an Italian Renaissance home built back in 1925. The home belonged to a Quaker and former Guilford College professor by the name of Samuel Lee Haworth.

“We’ve gone as far as working on trying to move it and relocate it to a property somewhere close to here,” said Lauten Crow of Simpson CRE.

Candida Yoshikai lives across the street from the Haworth home. She fears with this one development, others will follow suit, turning it into a busy street like Lawndale or Battleground.

But Simpson CRE developers say they don’t have plans to expand other businesses on this property.

The potential medical office has no set date to be built and developers said if it is approved it would take about 12 months to build.

Developers have not said which medical provider would take over the building.

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