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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Greensboro mother is praying for a phone call from Greensboro investigators weeks after her son died in a shooting.

Evette Daouda said she is losing faith in investigators after hearing little to nothing about any updates on her son’s death.

Police said 27-year-old Isaac Lattimore was shot during a basketball tournament inside the gym at Barber Park in Greensboro. Lattimore later died from his injuries at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem.

Daouda said she was only able to see her son once after he was shot, and that was during the funeral.

“They said I couldn’t see him. So I didn’t even get to identify his body. I didn’t get to do anything when I got to see him, it was at the funeral home,” Daouda said.

Daouda said she has been calling investigators for updates and has been trying to send information their way but has gotten nothing in return.

This past Saturday, Daouda said she held Lattimore’s funeral in South Carolina out of safety for others attending. She wants the guns down and for people to respect other people’s lives.

Greensboro police said the investigation into Lattimore’s death is still open, and anyone with additional information is to call Crime Stoppers at (336) 373-1000.