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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A group of former elected officials and community leaders used the power of pizza to talk about gerrymandering.

The group “Represent Us” brought Gerry’s Partisan Pizza to Greensboro to call attention to unfair redistricting practices. Their stop in Greensboro is part of a two-week national food truck tour stopping in states that are at risk of gerrymandering.

A sign tells customers: “Free pizza only if you live in the gerrymandered district the truck is parked in.”

“Gerry’s Partisan Pizza is an initiative from nonpartisan and anticorruption organization RepresentUs to spread awareness of gerrymandering. We must demand that this dangerous assault on democracy ends. Gerrymandering is when politicians manipulate voting districts to rig elections. They redraw voting district lines in a way that unfairly advantages one political party over another – and it allows them to pick their own voters instead of the other way around. So we’re picking our customers instead of customers picking us – to show how corrupt the practice of gerrymandering really is.”

Some recent redistricting maps proposed by the state legislature are causing concern. “Partisan politics should not be involved in creating districts. Districts and the process needs to be transparent. It needs to be open. It needs to be independent and fair. It’s better government,” former State Senator Don Vaughn said.

The new maps have not been approved by North Carolina lawmakers, but top Democrats are already threatening to sue if the Republican-drawn maps are adopted.

You can see where Gerry’s Partisan Pizza is heading next on their website.