(WGHP) — Before the snow turned to ice in a lot of places, people got outside to enjoy the fresh blanket of powder.

We drove around Guilford County and captured how people took advantage of the snow outside. For example, kids screaming with joy as they raced down hills at Lindley Elementary School.

“He has been talking about it constantly wanting to get out here to play, so we been out here since the first snowflake,” said Ryan Blankenship who took his son to sled.

A little push from dad got the fun started for 6-year-old Bo Blankenship.

“We’re just out here enjoying it. We finally had the snow. It’s been almost two years. We finally got to get out to have a little fun,” he said.

Other people preferred to stay inside.

“I was just watching the snow fall down from my window,” said Michael Mckiver.

Not Mckiver, he started his morning at the Meredith and Furlough Park in High Point. Creating memories with snow angels.

“It’s good to have fun, hang out with friends, then you know go in the house, hang out with my parents, watch movies, drink hot cocoa,” he said.

Travis Donn and Kyle Kendall got a little daring doing donuts in the snow at an empty gas station parking lot.

“Being a bunch of big kids, that’s what we all want to do out here,” said Kendall.

Donn said, “We’re just enjoying it, it doesn’t happen often so we are just soaking it all in”

When there’s snow, and enough of it, a snowman is a must. Just ask Amy Anderson who let us watch her start to create hers.

“I was like, I need to go out and build a snowman, so I was determined to build a snowman,” she said.

She did, and she even sent us this picture when her work was done. She named her Mrs. Frosty.