ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Lydia’s Place will soon become the first shelter in Asheboro to house women and children experiencing homelessness.  

The facility is expected to open by late September inside the former Calvary United Methodist Church on 114 Francis Street in Asheboro. 

“In Asheboro, there is not a shelter for either one of those populations, so we have shelter for men and a domestic violence shelter and so women can come here by themselves, or families can come,” said Executive Director Alexis Coleman. 

Phase one of the project will be in the renovated Fellowship Hall of the shelter and house up to 12 people with three apartment rooms. There will also be a kitchen, common bathroom, laundry facility and common space area.  

Phases two and three will be completed by the summer of 2023. Once finished Lydia’s Place will house 54 people, estimating a total of $1.7 million, and will lease for $1 a year from the First United Methodist Church in Asheboro. 

Coleman said she has been working with people experiencing homelessness and is joyed to see Lydia’s Place thrive in the Asheboro community. 

The organization received donations and help with fundraisers to raise money for renovations of the building. Coleman said $100,000 in funds were given to the shelter from county commissioners that will cover phase two of the project and the Edward M Armfield Sr. foundation granted $250,000. They will receive the first $125,000 of that grant this summer. 

Coleman said the housing needs are on a first come first serve basis, they will get referrals from local agencies who have been working with homeless families. 

Families entering Lydia’s Place, will be given two case managers to help with the transition into housing, as well as social welfare help to find stable housing.  

“It won’t be a one size fits all for these families, it will be more of a tailored approach for that family,” said Coleman.