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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A woman accused of shooting a Greensboro police officer appears in court.

Early Tuesday, Kendicia Clarke appeared virtually before a Guilford County judge following the officer shooting in an IHOP parking lot.

Her ex-boyfriend Adam Shelton spoke to FOX8 after Clarke’s court appearance about their relationship and what led up to the shooting.

Clarke was in court Monday after police said she resisted being arrested, grabbed an officer’s gun, and shot it inside the holster. The bullet hit Greensboro officer HL Jefferson in the right leg.

Shelton explained being in the courtroom is nothing new to their relationship. He said Clarke has assaulted him at least 20 times throughout their “toxic” relationship.

Shelton said he has filed assault charges against her before, but couldn’t make it to the hearing, so they were dropped.

Monday, during his smoke break at work, he noticed Clarke sitting inside his car, he said he told her to get out, and she started arguing with him. He went inside to tell his manager to call the police and said she was banned from the property, he says.

“She started hitting me – choking me, hit me with a Bacardi bottle in the back of the head and, like kicking me in my back,” he said.

Shelton said once police got to the parking lot, he was told to go inside that’s when he said he saw officers attempt to arrest Clarke. “Next thing I saw and heard was she tried to grab the police gun trying to shoot me, but she shot the officer,” said Shelton.

Officer Jefferson has been released from the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said Clarke also sustained minor injuries from the struggle. Clarke’s next court appearance is set for January 18th.