GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The newest, fluffiest, arguably cutest addition to the Greensboro Science Center aquarium family has a name now.

Last week, the Greensboro Science Center asked people to weigh in on the new name for their African penguin chick.

The public had three choices: Newton, Niffler and Piper.

Well, according to Greensboro Science Center’s Twitter, the public has spoken and the penguin’s new name is, drumroll please…


A “niffler” is probably best known as a cute magical monster from the “Harry Potter” book series. Now it’s a cute (but probably not magical) little penguin chick that will be on display at the Greensboro Science Center in a couple of months, once their swimming gets strong enough.

Welcome to the Greensboro family, Niffler!