(WGHP) — As prices of just about everything continue to go up, local bike shops have seen an increase in demand for electronic bikes.

Piedmont eBikes owner Frank Guido said he hasn’t been able to keep bikes on the sales floor because of people looking at alternative modes of transportation.

“These ebikes are a form of transportation, particularly in hilly areas. A lot of it’s done for recreation. We’ve got a lot of boomers as well as millennials out enjoying getting on the bike paths,” Guido said.

He said most people have been buying the ebikes just to get out of the house and enjoy the city, but the catalyst for recent sales has been gas prices.

“One of the mega trends that’s starting to emerge is the price of gas,” Guido said.

Ebikes ride just like normal bikes we all had as a child. The difference is the electronic components used to multiply a person’s power when you chose to. It helps make the rides up hills, on hard terrain and obstacles easier.

Guido said most of the ebikes run from $1,500 to $12,000 per bike. But with the price of gas reaching $5.00 per gallon, the price of the ebikes is worth it compared to what drivers are paying at the pump.

“You can literally pay for the ebike with maybe 10 to 12 fill-ups of the gas tank,” Guido said.

Galactic Bikes owner Braggi Bamberger said the increase for ebikes will never go out of style. He said this is only the beginning for bike shops.

“I think there is a huge market for both of them, and you’re going to see an increase of professional racing on those bikes, and the regular bikes [are] going to be out there too because there is a lot of people that see bicycles as a lifestyle,” Bamberger said.