(WGHP) — Dedrick Moone is a single father to his 14-year old daughter Haelee.

“She told me I’m not that loving with respect to the different things I say to her, but she knows I love her because of my acts,” he told FOX8.

That was a tough pill for him to swallow. But it made him evaluate himself. He realized she was right. Out of that self-evaluation, came a renewed focus for him to be intentional about showering her with words of affirmation.

“I started thinking about it and said ‘what should I have said to her when she was one? What should I have said to her when she was two? when she was five?'” he said.

“Although he may not be the easiest person to talk to, I feel like it definitely helped with the comfort factor,” Haelee added. “It may not be easy, but at least it’s more comfortable.”

He came up with the idea to write a book. It’s called “Dear Daughter: a Love Story.” His goal is to make a small contribution to solving what he sees as a larger problem.

“I thought about it. How many of us men are failing our daughters in similar veins by not telling them they’re beautiful and things of that nature but also simply not being there?” he said. “Particularly our Black women…we’ve heard time and time again that Black men aren’t protecting our Black women and that we’re failing our Black women.”

He wrote the book, and Haelee edited it.

“Overall, it was a fun experience because I got to write some of the things and advance it further because when it comes to him trying to express his emotions, sometimes I’m the one that has to be like ‘OK, dad, let’s just add a little more flare to it,” she said.

She’s written and published three books herself. One is “The Rules of a Little Boss.” It’s a book with a diverse group of characters on a mission to gain self-esteem. Haelee is also the CEO of her own publishing company.

“She’s gotten her books into libraries in the state of North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and has partnered with several different libraries to deliver programming,” Dedrick told us.

Including Randolph County.

“I feel like it would matter because when it comes to predominantly white areas, usually you’re only seeing through one set of eyes,” she said.

“These are opportunities that didn’t exist for us once upon a time,” Dedrick added. “Thinking back to the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, we weren’t even allowed to read. But now here we have a teenager who’s written books. Not only has she wrote books, she’s wrote award-winning books.”

They hope these books will help turn the pages of conversation and discourse and make our community a better place.

“Dear Daughter: A Love Story” will be released on Feb. 11.