DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Staff members at the Davidson County Animal Shelter are sounding the alarm after more than 200 animals showed up at their door in less than two weeks.

The most concerning part is that more than 100 of the animals were surrendered.

Candi Lewis is the rescue coordinator for the Davidson County Animal Shelter. She tells FOX8 that normally in a month, they see anywhere from 50 to 60 surrenders.

On Monday, her staff was greeted by a line of 20 people waiting at the door to surrender their cats.

“We’ve got a lot of moving. Landlord said I can’t take pets,” Lewis said.

Lewis thinks the economy plays a role but doesn’t know why so many people are coming forward all at once.

When shelters fill up, they call on rescues like Ruff Love Rescue to take some animals, but they’re also full.

“We get emails every day…of people just desperate,” said Sue Rogers, Ruff Love Rescue’s founder.

Rescuers say the adoption rate normally slows this time of year, but now it’s lagging even farther behind.

The shelter is normally approaching 30 adoptions by this time of the month. Right now, they’ve only seen 12.

“The sad part is if they get full to their capacity for agriculture requirements, they have to start putting dogs down. They have to start putting cats down if they can’t get them out,” Rogers said.

Rescuers want people to reach out if they need help getting medical care or food for their pets.

“They don’t get a home because a little bit of money stood in the way of having someone that could potentially care for them and love them,” Lewis said.

The shelter is looking for fosters to help alleviate some of the strain and free up kennel space in case they continue to get more animals.