DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Davidson County commissioners approved a new pilot program that will put more EMS personnel on the road and make response times shorter in the community.

Davidson County commissioners approved the new EMS pilot program during a meeting and said that the need for more EMS personnel on the weekend is mandatory.

“We don’t have a problem on Monday. We don’t have a problem on Tuesday. We have a problem on Saturdays and Sundays. That got us, staff, looking at this in a multi-kind of variable way,” Davidson County Manager Casey Smith said.

The EMS on-call program would put two-day and two-night EMS personnel on Saturdays and Sundays to fill the void they have been seeing on the weekend.

The on-call personnel will add to the county’s base level of coverage and assist the surrounding cities in Davidson County.

“Everybody in the department takes a rotation. We agree it’s all probably better if we offer a monetary value to that,” Smith said.

The program would be first-come, first-served for every EMS personnel in Davidson County and on weekends only, and each person would get paid $150 per shift.

As of Monday, the county has 14 full-time vacancies out of 80 full-time positions and four part-time positions available.

The county has 11 EMS trucks for use. Three are in Lexington, two are in Thomasville and six are spread out across different cities in the county.

“We’ve run the cities…down to whether it’s just one truck covering both cities. That’s what we want to avoid, and that’s what’s known as a being base out,” Smith said.

County leaders said Monday the funds for the on-call shifts would come from lapse salaries and money left over from unfilled positions.