LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — $1 million will pay for added services and a larger homeless shelter in Davidson County.

One man who is a former tenant at the shelter spoke with FOX8 about how he struggled to get a roof over his head.

Rick Romsey hit a rough spot in his life while driving trucks for a living. At one point, he found himself homeless.

“I really didn’t have the support of family or friends or that of anybody else,” he said.

During his desperate time, he called the First Hope Ministries adult homeless shelter in Davidson County home.

“I used this as a stepping stone to get where I needed to get in life,” he said.

After a month, Romsey renewed his CDL license and got back on the road.

Right now, Davidson County’s only homeless shelter can help seven families.

“The heartbreak comes when families show up at our door, and we can’t house them,” said Ashley Phillips, executive director of First Hope Ministries homeless shelter.

She estimates about 2,000 people in Davidson County are homeless, including 800 children.

“So drastically increasing numbers. People are losing their jobs because of COVID. There are homeless children out there who need our help,” she said.

The new shelter calls for a 104-bed adult and family facility located on 9th West Avenue next door to the Salvation Army.

The $4.5 million project will also be a hub for a group of non-profit and governmental agencies that provide services to people in Davidson County.

“It’s going to be a one-stop-shop for homeless, for feeding, clothes and medical,” Phillips said.

Romsey hopes people see the value in this resource.

“I support anybody who can go to 0 point in life to something productive and get their families back, money, house, whatever they need to be substantial in life,” he said.

DC First Ministries needs $3 million to get dirt moving on the project.

They do have a $5 million fundraising campaign underway and plan to hold events this summer.

The goal is to break ground by the end of 2022.