DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an animal cruelty case after animal control found two dogs left outside with no food or water.

Deputies said they were told anonymously to do a welfare check at the home where the dogs were. They said they discovered two dogs Tuesday morning inside a 10×10 kennel outside with no food or water for days, possibly weeks.

Deputies said the dogs were left behind after the owner moved away. It isn’t clear how long the animals were in the kennel without food.

Gus and Joe were taken to the Davidson County Animal Shelter for temporary care.

“When animal control arrived with the dogs, we knew right away they were in rough shape, had been neglected, very emaciated,” Davidson County Animal shelter Rescue Coordinator Candi Lewis.

Lewis said Joe, a small black and white dog, couldn’t walk, had to be carried and was taken to the shelter weighing only 13 pounds.

“You feel bad for them…he was covered in fleas, extremely emaciated, had a whole bunch of intestinal parasites,” said Kristen Singleterry, doctor of veterinarian medicine with the Blue Flint Animal Hospital.

Both dogs have been checked and cared for by Singleterry. Joe is still unable to walk, bark or wag his tail due to a lack of strength.

DCSO Lieutenant Howell said they are working to learn who owned the dogs and bring them up on charges.

Due to the overcrowding of shelter space, Gus and Joe are in temporary foster homes where they will continue treatment for the next couple of months.

Sue Rodgers with Ruff Love Rescue said they are still responsible for payment of the surgery for the dogs, adoptions are down, donations are down and help is needed more than ever.