DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Law enforcement officials in Davidson County are cracking down on who is driving on our roads with the help of multiple law enforcement agencies in the area.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, along with five different agencies, set up along Highway 109 near Klopman Mill Road on Thursday and issued a total of 80 citations, including child restraint violations, driving while license revoked, no operator’s license, no insurance, felony drug violations and expired registration violations.

It was more than double the amount issued during the checkpoint held two weeks before.

The DCSO has been conducting the multi-agency crackdowns more often.

The DCSO Traffic and Criminal Enforcement unit said their number one goal is safety for all drivers on the road.

“It’s a very busy road … You never know when someone might pull out in front of you or not paying attention and cross the center line,” said Mitch Forrest, a driver.

“I’ve had people pass me in the grass on this road,” said Steve Smallwood, a driver.

It’s a common theme for drivers: concern for their safety when traveling down North Carolina Highway 109.

It’s one of many locations where the DCSO, along with 5 different agencies, set up regular safety checkpoints. 

“We choose locations throughout the county that have an increase in traffic crashes and or fatalities,” said Lt. Jerry Soles, with the DCSO Traffic and Criminal Enforcement unit.

Thursday night’s checkpoint on Highway 109 was the second one held this month with a total of 20 officers on the ground along with A Breath Alcohol Testing Mobile Unit.

“In an effort to promote safe driving throughout Davidson County and to reduce the number of vehicle crashes and driving while impaired incidents,” Soles said.

“I drive for a living. So it’s not very surprising to me. I’m glad to hear they’re cracking down on it and doing something about it,” Forrest said.

“Too many people died on this road in the last ten years,” Smallwood said.

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The DCSO hopes the frequent checkpoints will deter people from unsafe driving and help community members feel safe on the road.

“It takes a village, and with all the agencies participating, it’s made possible that we can go to these areas, enforce and be able to enforce the motor vehicle law,” Soles said.

While the checkpoints are a multi-agency effort, the law enforcement agencies rotate between who hosts each checkpoint. Thursday’s was hosted by the Denton Police Department.