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STOKES COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Five fire departments in Stokes County were dispatched to Pinnacle Volunteer Fire Station 31 to help contain a fire that spread on the top of Sauratown Mountain.

The North Carolina Forest Service said the fire started late Tuesday morning and quickly spread to around 33 acres.

Logan Whitaker, rescue captain with Danbury Volunteer Fire Department, said it took over an hour to get to the source of the fire from the base of the mountain because of the secluded and rough terrain.

“It was very strenuous getting up to the actual incident — the steep hills, a bunch of boulders and rocks. It’s just getting up there to it in a great amount of time, a great number of people, to get up there, because once you get up there, you didn’t really have the energy to do anything,” Whitaker said.

Fire crews said they used fire rakes, chainsaws, and leaf blowers to contain the fire from spreading as Huey helicopters dropped 300 gallons of water from the Pinnacle Water Shed.

Whitaker said enormous fires like these emphasize the extreme need for more volunteer help from the community.

“This is one of them deals, you can’t rely on yourself. You have to reply on your other resources. It isn’t a one department thing, two department thing, it’s a county-wide, multiple county-wide event. You have to have the help to do it, it takes everybody,” Whitaker said.

Crews said no injuries were reported from the fire, and no homes were in danger.

Whitaker said crews will go back Wednesday morning to get to the rest of the fire from the top of the mountain. The cause is still being investigated.