(WGHP) — Millions of Americans could see a small relief at the pumps in the coming weeks. The Biden administration is looking to temporarily pause the federal gas tax.

President Joe Biden said Monday that he is considering the idea of pausing the tax as gas prices hit a national average of $4.98, according to AAA.

If passed, the bill to pause the tax would save American 18.3 cents per gallon for retail gas and 23.4 cents for diesel until January 2023.

“We need the gas prices lowered…it’s twice as much we’ve been paying for, so something has to change,” said Mary Wesley, an Exxon gas customer.

The Biden administration is also looking into giving Americans gas rebate cards to help pay for gas.

“We have to make a decision. These little things that are coming in and helping somebody for a very short time, it’s just not working. We need to look at the overall picture,” Wesley said.

The bill was first bought to the senate in February but hasn’t made any moves into action. 

Some critics of the temporary gas tax pause said it could increase the demand for gasoline and other goods and services. 

“I don’t think erasing the gas tax is the best way to solve a very, very difficult problem, and I don’t think it can be done. It’s really not getting talked about at the federal level. I think there’s a couple bills here, but they’re not going anywhere,” said Senator Shelley Moore Capito.

Gas Buddy said the bill would save Americans roughly $2.94 for an average-sized vehicle.