KERNERSVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — New restaurants, drive-thrus and a hotel could be coming to Kernersville. 

The proposal is at the corner of Union Cross Road and Glennview Drive, right near Interstate 40. The re-zoning request was approved by the planning board and now waiting for a final decision from the Kernersville Aldermen Board. 

It’s not the first time, this area has seen development recently.

“Explosive growth both in housing and population,” said Kernersville resident Robert Krotts.

How much is too much? “I think we have over-exploded,” said Kernersville resident Margie Wheeler.

She has lived off of Union Cross Road for nearly 40 years.

“I moved into the house in the country and now I am in the middle of a giant food court,” Wheeler added.

Others welcome the idea of more food options in the community.

“They are all places that we frequent and it would be nice to have them close to where we live,” Krotts added.


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The proposal at Union Cross and Glennview has two pieces of land, about 4.5 acres in total. The side closest to the road would be divided into three sections: a Freddy’s with a drive-thru, a Caribou Coffee with a drive-thru and an Outback.

“I love a blooming onion so I am up for outback,” said Andy Scott, who works in Kernersville.

The other section of land would have a Fairfield Hotel.

“I do think that is needed because there is not a good selection of hotels,” said Pamela Bisson, who works in Kernersville. “I travel here so I come to this area and stay typically a couple days so it is definitely exciting to have a different choice for a hotel.”

She works nearby at Partners Personnel, where the full-service staffing company is excited about more developments in their neighborhood.

“We have been in this market for 7 years and we have seen the growth and it has helped us in our business in producing more foot traffic and whatnot for us which is very important,” Bisson added.

More development means more people.

“We are really excited about it here, in my opinion, business brings business,” Scott said.

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For businesses, that’s good news, but more traffic isn’t the same for people for live nearby.

“It’s going to have traffic through our neighborhood and not quite the serenity we are used to,” Wheeler said.

The Kernersville Board of Aldermen will make a final decision on the re-zoning request at their meeting on Nov. 14.