PFAFFTOWN, N.C. (WGHP) — Less than two months into his cancer battle, a well-known local football coach is already planning his return to the field.

Chris McCoy is a Reynolds High graduate, a former running back for Wake Forest University and a current counselor and coach at Reagan High School in Pfafftown. McCoy’s community is giving him strength to fight his cancer.

“Strength comes in numbers,” he said. “We have a slogan that Reagan and ‘no raider rides alone.’ That is definitely true.”

McCoy has needed that support in the past couple months. When doctors diagnosed him with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in September, he went from spending hours on the football field to spending hours in a hospital room.

“I’m a very social perso, and now I’ve been taken and plucked from society and thrown in the hospital room, linked to bags giving me chemotherapy,” he said.

The diagnosis forced McCoy to step away from his coaching position at Reagan High School only four games into this season. It was extra difficult since his freshman son is on the team.

“Very hard,” he said. “Just stepping away period drove a stake through my heart.”

Even though McCoy couldn’t be on the sidelines, he didn’t miss a game, tuning in from his hospital room.

“Thursday nights from 6 9 p.m., Fridays 7 10 p.m., the nurses, everybody knew there was going to be some hollering in the room,” said McCoy.

Being able to watch his team has kept McCoy going. That, along with the fun shirts his wife has gotten him to wear to treatment, which say things like “tackle leukemia” and “straight out of chemo.”

“In my mind, I’m a go-getter,” he said. “It’s the football player, the football coach in me, and sayings help. Sayings help with the mental edge toward what you’re dealing with.”

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Luckily, McCoy doesn’t have to deal with it alone. He’s felt the love from his fellow raiders.

“The community helps my journey, lightens the load on my journey a little bit,” he said. “Stay strong within yourself and believe that there’s a better day ahead. That’s where I’m at right now in my mind. I’m letting go and let God and I take it day by day.”

Next week, McCoy will undergo his fourth round of chemo, marking the halfway point in his treatment. Everyone at FOX8 wishes him the best and looks forward to seeing him back on the field next season.