WHITSETT, N.C. (WGHP) — State Highway Patrol is seeking information about a hit-and-run that injured a child.

Just after 2 p.m. on Thursday, troopers responded to a hit-and-run crash on NC 61 between Homeview Road and Herron Road in Whitsett.

Witnesses say that 10-year-old Liam Jones was crossing NC 61 when he was hit by a blue or black vehicle. His family says he was outside playing basketball with his 13-year-old sister, while their mother Tiffany was inside.

When they both shot at the goal, their balls hit the rim and both bounced into the road.  

Liam’s mother says her son told her he looked both ways and then went into the road to get the balls.  

That’s when a dark-colored Toyota 4Runner rounded a sharp corner and hit her son. Liam was hit and drug about 20 feet in front of his house.  

The SUV was last seen heading north of NC 61 towards Interstate 40.

  • Photo of suspect vehicle in Whitsett hit-and-run
  • Photo of suspect vehicle in Whitsett hit-and-run
  • Photo of suspect vehicle in Whitsett hit-and-run
  • Photo of suspect vehicle in Whitsett hit-and-run

Liam was left unconscious on the side of the road.  

His sister called 911, while his mother and another individual tried to take care of the 10-year-old.  

Liam was able to regain consciousness before he was taken to the hospital. His family says he is back home now.  

“I’m OK, mom,” is what he reportedly told her in the back of the ambulance.  

At the hospital, doctors did not find any major internal injuries or broken bones but did find that he had severe road rash across most of his arms, head, hands, neck, side and legs.  

He also has a concussion, according to his mother.  

On Friday, Liam spoke with FOX8 briefly and said that he is invincible.

“He’s superman,” his mother said.

The family said that their son is only alive by the grace of God, who was in control of the situation from the beginning.  

Liam’s father Tim told FOX8 that the trooper who worked the scene stayed at the hospital with the family for four hours.  

They also learned the trooper attends the same church as the family.  

Liam’s family is thankful their son is alive but has a lingering question of why someone would hit a 10-year-old and drive off.  

Investigators are seeking information that could help find the driver of the SUV.

Anyone with information can contact Trooper Lunsford with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol at 1-800-445-8621.