GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Two local sheriffs are fed up and worried about people’s safety, as people become bolder on the interstate.

They aren’t worried about the speeds people travel, but the shots they’re firing while driving. Alamance, Guilford, Orange and Durham Counties are using their strike teams to target people they say are putting thousands of people who use the interstates on the daily basis in danger.

“We’re coming after you,” said Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson.

On May 5, Johnson’s deputies, along with deputies in Orange County, arrested two convicted felons during a traffic stop in Burlington.

Days later in Durham County, a bus driver had to make a quick decision to protect the kids on board when bullets came flying across the East Club Boulevard during a shootout.

“You should know that a bus driver shouldn’t have to take an evasive action to keep the children on that bus safe from a gunfight,” said Sheriff Charles Blackwood of Orange County.

Shootings on the interstate are something deputies are seeing more of in Guilford County.

On April 22, Greensboro Police responded to a shooting on Interstate 40 between Freeman Mill and Randleman Roads in which two people got hurt.

“It’s killing our adults,” said Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers. “Gun violence, the guns that are found up and down 40 and 85.”

The strikes teams in Guilford, Alamance, Orange and Durham Counties have a list of people with outstanding warrants. They share the information to locate the suspects as they travel across county lines, often through traffic stops.

“That’s what helps us get guns off the street, drugs off the street and those men and women that have been wanted for years captured,” said Rogers.

The strategic approach to crime-fighting and sharing information is critical, as sheriffs are seeing people responsible for crimes in multiple counties.

They’re looking to expand the partnership to cover more interstates.