BURLINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — Where you live could factor into how likely it is your home catches on fire.

According to fire fighters with the Burlington Fire Department, socioeconomic status plays a big role.

Fire fighters looked at 10 years of data to isolate “hot spots” in the city where fires occur more frequently.

“People are struggling right now. Some people say ‘am I going to have a working smoke alarm or am I going to get groceries today?'” said Cpt. David Sharpe, fire and life safety education coordinator for the department.

The area of St Johns Street and Rainey Street along with Grace Avenue is one of the places they see more frequent fires.

On Saturday, fire fighters are planning to canvas the area and knock on doors, offering free smoke detectors, battery changes or a quick check.

“Smoke alarms save lives, and we want to be sure as many people in Burlington have them because smoke alarms make a difference,” Sharpe said.

Laura Burnette thinks about that difference all the time.

Her kitchen caught on fire in November of 2021 while her daughter and other kids were home alone.

“She didn’t know nothing was on fire until she looked down the hall to see where the baby was going, and the hallway was orange, so she ran back there, and the whole kitchen was on fire,” Burnette said.

She tells FOX8 working smoke detectors would have made a difference.

“As soon as it started smoking, they probably would have been able to put it out themselves,” Burnette said.

As it gets warmer, fire fighters want to remind people to make smarter choices cooking and grilling outside.

Also monitor the outlets in your home.

With more people home over the summer using multiple devices and running fans, outlets in older homes could become overloaded and spark.