BURLINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — After 10 months, the Mashburn family are happy to see their dog Abby reunite with them after she was stolen off their property. 

Harry Mashburn said Abby was stolen from their front yard one day, and the family been looking for her ever since. He said since the beginning, he has been putting up signs and driving through the neighborhood yelling her name. 

“Some people don’t realize what animals can mean to people. When you got them like this that stay in your house, sleeps with you, different things like that, you get awful attached,” Mashburn said. 

Mashburn said early Tuesday, he got a call from his local groomer asking a question to see if Abby was home.  

Shelby Murray, owner of Pawsome Canine Grooming, said an unfamiliar woman went into the shop to give Abby a much-needed cut. She said after several questions to the client, she knew something wasn’t right. 

“I started looking at the dog and immediately I knew the dog was not who she said the dog was,” Murray said. 

Murray has been Abby’s groomer for seven years and knew who she was when she first laid eyes on her, even in the horrible shape she was bought in. She said she didn’t know Abby was missing, but she wanted to make sure, so she called the people she’d seen with her for years: the Mashburns.

Murray said the thieves that stole Abby didn’t take good care of her. She had long matted fur, ingrown nails and an ear infection. 

Mashburn said it was an emotional reunion for he and his wife who has been dealing with health problems. They started crying when they saw her for the first time. 

“I came here, and Abby knew both who we were and what we were, and I was just overjoyed to see her. I just knew it was going to make my wife so much better,” Mashburn said.  

Mashburn said he is upset at the people who stole Abby for the lack of care for her health. He and his wife are beyond happy to once again have their dog home thanks to Murray and Pawsome Canine grooming. 

The Mashburn’s have made appointments for Abby to see the vet about her ear infection. Murray is also working to get Abby’s nails back in good shape.