YADKINVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — Students are shaken up but not injured after a crash involving a school bus Tuesday morning.

The Yadkinville Police Department says that a Yadkin County School bus and a box truck collided at the intersection of US 601 and N Lee Avenue. The bus lost control after the collision and hit a parked food truck, which was pushed into an empty apartment.

The bus came to rest against an apartment building.

No one was hurt.

An official with the Yadkinville Police Department said that the bus was heavily damaged after going through a metal awning on the building and the food truck was likely totaled.

The food truck, Pollito’s Taco Truck, released a statement on Facebook:

The damages inside the truck were unimaginable. Some may know that our food truck is family owned and we have some brothers and cousins working with us. This is our only way of bringing food to the house and how we survive. We have 3 families who depend on the food truck business.

They have a GoFundMe on their Facebook page for anyone wanting to help them recover after the loss of their income source.

No one in the apartments was displaced, and the damage to the buildings is considered minor.

The Yadkin County Schools Superintendent released the following statement:

A Yadkin County Schools bus was involved in an accident this morning at approximately 7:57 AM.  Bus 203 was transporting students who attend Yadkin Early College.  The accident occurred at the intersection of Hwy. 601 and Country Club Road.  A panel truck struck Bus 203 as it passed through the intersection.  There were 11 students on the bus at the time of the accident.  Students were assessed at the scene by EMS personnel and no students sustained injuries.  All students were then transported to school.  Parents were notified of the accident.