ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — FOX8 has learned suspects used a stolen car to commit crimes in an Asheboro neighborhood.

Police tell us the vehicle was stolen one week ago in Greensboro.

Officers spotted the 2020 Honda accord in the Summers Run Apartment complex around 3 a.m. on Wednesday leaving the complex, and they followed it for going over the speed limit.

Police say the driver was speeding, and as officers pursued the car for 12 miles, speeds reached more than 120 miles per hour.

We have learned the suspect vehicle was stolen out of Greensboro a week ago from Wednesday, and the tag on the vehicle was stolen in Burlington a few days ago

They stopped their pursuit on Interstate 73 at Groometown road. A short time later, the vehicle crashed.

Prior to that, they spotted another vehicle in the lot with lights on and a toolbox nearby.

It’s an area in the north side of the city where eight vehicle break-ins have happened in the last few weeks.

The most recent was in the 2100 block of North Fayetteville Street.

A renter at the Matthew Grande Apartments did not want to share her identity but had no problem sharing the stress the crime had caused her.

“I saw a notification from Capital One saying I was at Sheetz, and they spent $54 on my card, and I was questioning myself asking ‘how am I spending money at Sheetz if I’m in my bed?” she said.
When she walked out to her car, she found papers and other items in her console and glove compartment scattered all over her seats.

“I filed the report,” she said. “The police told me they were going to be investigating today. They said one of my neighbors got some pictures of them from their dash cam.”

Her vehicle was one of eight involved in a series of break-ins over the last few weeks.

In one case, a gun was stolen. It’s the 14th firearm taken out of a vehicle in the city this year.

We called other law enforcement agencies to see how often guns are stolen in their cities.

Here is the breakdown for this year:

  • Greensboro had 310 guns stolen in 255 vehicle break-ins
  • Burlington had 24 taken. Officers have recovered three of those
  • In 45 vehicle break-ins in High Point, 50 firearms were taken
  • We reached out to Winston-Salem police, but they did not have an accurate breakdown to share with us

Police tell us in the vehicle break-ins in Asheboro, one vehicle was locked, four were not and in three cases, it is unknown.

Officers want us to remind you to lock your vehicle at all times and to take valuables and weapons out of them.

It may seem obvious, but law enforcement says people keep making it tempting for thieves to break in.