ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — This summer, Asheboro City Schools kicked off its 2023 Career and Technical Education summer camps. 

The program will run through July, and it focuses on helping kids find their passion through different career paths.

“I guess I should be ready for it because I know this probably can be a lot of blood,” said middle school student Madison Dillon.

Dillon enrolled for the 2023 CTE summer camps. She says when she grows up, she wants to use her passion for science to help others.

“I want to be a nurse or a pharmacy technician … My mom’s a pharmacy technician. And when I was younger, she would take me to work, and I would actually help her … I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I actually really like this.’ So I was kind of like trying to take what my mom did,” Dillon said.

This week, the program started with its health science camp.

Outside, children learned how fire burns on different surfaces. Inside, kids played with fake blood.

“We took the blood. It was getting everywhere … It was just fun to… make something that looks realistic,” Dillon said.

With just a little bit of makeup, wax and tissue paper, these kids created different injuries.

When students were done creating these injuries, the teacher told them how to give aid.

“I think it’s actually really cool and amazing that we have this type of stuff that we can do and be able to create something that we’ve never done before,” Dillon said.

“I see the power that it has for students … It gives them opportunities … for students that are going to university level but also students that are interested in going straight to work or going to earn an associate degree or a certificate, helping them figure out a career plan,” said Director of Career and Technical Education Sara Cox.

The program offers other career paths such as agriculture, science and coding.

The summer camp is free for middle school students living in Asheboro. It also offers lunches and transportation.

This was an opportunity Dillon didn’t want to miss out on.

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“If I’m very passionate about it or if I have excitement for it then I’m going to keep chasing after it,” Dillon said.

Two grants fund the CTE summer camp.

The team said those grants will end next year which means the team is working on finding other ways to keep the camp running.