ARCHDALE, N.C. 9WGHP) — A boulder left three cars totaled and shut down Interstate-85 in Archdale for hours on Thursday morning.

What makes this accident even more alarming is the person who may be at fault wasn’t even on the scene.

Xander Mitchell was driving on I-85 through Archdale when his Jeep hit the boulder near Exit 113A. The impact caused him to lose control and roll several times.

The boulder was forced into another lane where a second vehicle hit it, causing the wheel to dislodge and hit a third vehicle. None of the drivers were injured, but Mitchell’s Jeep was destroyed.

“I’m very lucky to be alive and not hurt, but I’m also more upset knowing that I was the first one, and two other people got startled by this…it’s just terrifying and cowardly to run away from that kind of thing,” Mitchell said.

According to Archdale police, the source of the boulder is still unknown, but they suspect it fell from a vehicle that did not properly secure its load.

Witnesses with information or the person responsible for the accident are encouraged to come forward.

23 people called 911 to report the incident, and police are hoping one of them saw the boulder fall and can provide useful information.

In a statement, a detective on the case emphasized the importance of remaining alert and attentive while driving.

“This is why we all need to pay attention to the road and remain alert,” he said.

Mitchell expressed his gratitude for the kindness of strangers who came to his aid after the crash.

“I was just kind of shocked…kind of shell-shocked, so I didn’t fully comprehend everything that just happened. I was truly grateful people were nice enough to help,” he said.