GRAHAM, N.C. (WGHP) — Many of the same people are showing up multiple times in courtrooms across Alamance County.

The district attorney’s office is now focusing its efforts to stop repeat offenders.

District Attorney Sean Boone put together a list of 64 offenders based on their criminal history and suspected gang affiliations. His goal is to keep people out of the courtroom, and he’s sending a clear message: either avoid court or expect the maximum sentence.

“If you are on our radar, you need to go ahead and clean your act up because if you don’t, don’t expect us to give you a break,” Boone said.

Boone is not taking it easy on people committing multiple crimes in his county.

“Don’t expect us to see your case fall through the crack because it’s not going to fall through the crack because we have a prosecutor watching you,” he said.

He has eyes on a list of people who law enforcement agencies have identified as threats. Half of the offenders on his radar are felons. Eighty percent are gang-affiliated, and 75 percent have a history of gun crimes.

“If a small group of people are significantly impacting a community, especially with an inordinate amount of violence, we want to make sure that we take care of those 60 people to benefit the thousands,” Boone said.

Each person is assigned to one of Boone’s prosecutors. Their job is to track current charges, new offenses and probation violations.

“These prosecutors are also tasked with looking at other jurisdictions,” Boone said. “If a person who is already on the list here in Alamance commits a crime in Orange or Guilford, we can coordinate with those offices.”

The agencies are working together to minimize gaps in the system and maximize penalties.
Boone’s focus is on getting guns off the streets. He’s trying to stop the problem before it becomes one.

“Once you pull the trigger, that bullet is going to determine your future, and we’re not going to let people pull the trigger irresponsibly and get away with it,” he said.

It’s a warning to those committing low-level crimes, which could lead to something more serious in the future.

“If you continue your criminal lifestyle, we’re going to make sure we get everything we can,” Boone said. “If you show signs of changing, and we can see that, we want as much as anybody to see people live a good productive life.”

Boone told FOX8 that since he finalized the list at the beginning of this month, one person on it has already died from gun violence.

The main problems he’s seeing are stolen guns, guns without serial numbers and minors having guns.