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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A Davidson County mom wanted to know where her stolen items ended up.

They were taken out of a diaper bag she left in her locked minivan as she ate dinner with her family at a High Point restaurant.

She was able to use her AirPods to solve part of the crime.

Credit cards, a driver’s license, AirPods, and face masks were found at a dumpster on Bridford Parkway in Greensboro.

“She wasn’t carrying her pocketbook Friday night, and with the new baby coming, she is starting to get in the routine of carrying the diaper bag,” CJ Shetley said.

CJ and his wife parked in the front parking spot outside Spiros off South Main Street in High Point Friday night.

While they enjoyed dinner with their two kids…

“She called me she was frantic and was like, ‘You need to come out of the restaurant — back to Spiros — quick. Somebody has busted the windows out of our car, and they stole my diaper bag,'” CJ said.

The Shetleys hoped security cameras captured something or there would be a witness. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

“They said no motion or activity was detected on their surveillance cameras,” CJ said.

He didn’t have much hope they would recover the stolen items until a friend of his wife suggested tracking her AirPods.

“She pulled it up on her iPhone, it’s one of the apps, and was able to see they were last pinged shortly before we checked, the case had been opened off of Bridford Parkway in Greensboro,” CJ said.

The couple headed that way.

“I called Greensboro police on the way to the address that the phone said the AirPods were located at. Initially, we thought maybe it was in one of the store’s after-hours people stocking shelves, we didn’t know,” he said.

When they hit the sound button on the Find My app, they heard the AirPods in the bottom of the dumpster.

“That’s incredible. So many people take technology for granted,” he said. “It’s just wonderful to know technology can answer such a question.”

The Shetleys got a little lucky in this case and they also learned a big lesson.

“I’ve learned since Friday night this happens quite frequently along the stretch of South Main Street. I met a lady who was targeted at Pioneer 3-4 weeks ago, same exact scenario, same exact situation about the same exact time,” CJ said.

CJ’s wife hasn’t located her wallet, baby clothes or the diaper bag they were in.

FOX8 checked with police and they do not have a suspect in this case.