DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — New technology allows 911 callers to share live videos with dispatchers in Davidson County.  

The county’s emergency services is using “Prepared Live” as a modern solution to improve the accuracy and response of 911 calls. Dispatchers say it can be a game-changer when responding to emergencies.  

Since rolling out the technology early in the summer, Davidson County 911 Director Robert Wilson said the department has utilized the technology in about 2,300 calls.  

Dispatchers have used the application during domestic situations, fires, boating accidents and to help find people who are lost.  

When dispatchers start their shift, they log onto the cloud-based application at their workstation, and when they receive a 911 call, Prepared Live comes into play.  

The caller’s number is then entered into the application, sending them a text message with a link. If the caller selects the link, this permits Davidson County 911 dispatchers to see what’s happening on scene.  

This helps put eyes on the scene before responders can physically be present.  

“Instead of telling responders ‘the caller said this,’ we can give them firsthand information that we’ve seen this and have this prepared,” Rob Wilson, the Director of Davidson County 911, said.

Prepared Live allows dispatchers to gather potential suspect information, pinpoint the caller’s location, and gather evidence unavailable via phone call. Participating in the video live stream during the 911 call is entirely voluntary on the caller’s end and consent is required.  

“It is very intuitive. We live in an age where everything is cell phone or computer-based, so everyone knows how to use a cell phone, and that’s pretty much what this is. You are using your cell phone to allow us to see what is happening on scene,” Wilson said.

On the caller’s end, they don’t need to download any software for it to work.  

Wilson tells FOX8 that their emergency service team went through a lot of training to ensure it was properly launched.  

So far, he said, it’s been a success.

The Prepared Live app is free for all 911 centers.