KERNERSVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — Police say an 81-year-old woman had hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry stolen by three men posing as salesmen. The burglary happened in the middle of the day on April 27 at the woman’s home in Kernersville.

An open door and a smiling face is usually how strangers are greeted at Carolyn Roddy’s home. Now, she’s a little more cautious after two men she didn’t know showed up at her home with ill intentions.

Roddy says it started with someone ringing her back doorbell. She says it felt strange because first-time visitors usually come to the front door. When she answered, she says there was a man saying he was the son of someone she knew.

“I was inside, and I’m kind of hard of hearing, and I cracked the door, and that’s when he said I’m so and so’s son and took hold of the door and opened it. Well, when he did that he hugged me, and I kind of backed up. I backed up into my kitchen,” Roddy said.

The man was now inside her home and talking fast.

“He was telling me that he was going to open up this antique store and linoleum place on highway 311 north. And then I turned around, and there was a man walking in with linoleum,” Roddy said.

At that point, another man entered the home with a large roll of linoleum flooring. The two men stood in her kitchen pretending to try to sell her new flooring.

What she didn’t know was a third man had also somehow gotten in and was in her bedroom rifling through the drawers. She said the two men talked to her about God and were friendly.

When they left, she went back to her room to change her bedding. She found an earring on the floor that wasn’t there before and knew something wasn’t right.

“I opened the little jewelry box that was in the guest bedroom, and the boxes were turned upside down, and stuff was thrown out,” Roddy said.

The men ended up leaving with more than $70 in cash and nearly $500 worth of jewelry.

“The most important thing was my class ring and an anniversary ring I got for my 45th wedding anniversary because then my husband passed away three months later,” Roddy said.

She wasn’t hurt or threatened, but she says she worries about what would have happened if she realized what the men’s real intentions were while they were still there.

Kernersville police say they have exhausted all leads on this case, meaning there is nothing new for them to pursue at this point.

If any new information comes up, the case could be reopened.