RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) — With a unanimous vote of approval, individuals on the Governor’s Crime Commission approved the funding of more than 120 grants that would address violence within the state of North Carolina with the possibility of more funding of grants to come.  

The commission held its quarterly meeting on Thursday in Raleigh to outline that more than $113 million worth of grants had been requested for law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

Governor Roy Cooper spoke on Thursday about the statistics that are being seen across the state with violence.  

“Gun violence is the leading cause of death amongst children and young people in America,” he said.  

He also challenged the commission to move toward a focus on school safety, gun safety, community violence intervention and crime victim support.  

More than $31 million will go to fund 121 grants to help support victims of violence, which includes mental health help and victim violence intervention.  

Close to $4 million will go to fund 38 grants to specifically help female victims of violence.  

More than $421,000 was approved to fund two programs to help child abuse victims and expand technology to investigate child abuse cases.  

Lastly, roughly $4.8 million was approved to address a variety of different areas that including mental health and crisis intervention training for federal and local law enforcement.  

There is more than $3 million worth of grants that the commission was not authorized to vote on yet, which include community crime intervention, juvenile justice, racial and ethics disparities and school justice partnerships.  

Federal grants have been halted for programs like these across the country due to inaccurate wording the application itself.  

To see the PowerPoint used in Thursday’s full meeting, click here.