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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A bass boat T-boned a pontoon boat, tearing it in half, Saturday afternoon at High Rock Lake in Davidson County.

Davidson County Rescue Squad Inc. reported being called to the area of High Rock Campground in reference to the boat crash around 1:22 p.m.

Callers advised that a bass boat, carrying two passengers, Adam Walker, 42, and his son, 10, collided with a pontoon boat, which had three passengers, Ronald Carrick, 61, his mother Jane Carrick, and his sister Vicki Norman, just off the shore of the campground.

Investigators tell us the driver of the bass boat was trying to level off the front of his boat after getting it up to speed and did not see the pontoon boat that was in front of him.

Witnesses tell FOX8, that they heard the sound of the boats colliding, and rushed in to help.

Ronald Carrick and Vicki Norman were thrown from the boat, Jane Carrick was pinned by the railing. All three were taken to the hospital.

(Courtesy of Ryan Story)
(Courtesy of Ryan Story)

The pontoon boat deck is totaled, and there are cuts in the bass boat fiberglass.

The group of good Samaritans then hooked the wrecked boats up to a personal watercraft and pulled them to shore where emergency medical services and responders took over the scene.

(Courtesy of Ryan Story)

Ronald Carrick suffered face injuries and was released from the hospital last night. Jane Carrick suffered a knot on her head as well as a swollen finger. Vicki Norman suffered a broken pelvis as well as an injury to vertebrae in her spine. She is still in the hospital.

Walker and his son were not injured. Police say Walker is charged with one count of reckless boat operation, which is a class-two misdemeanor. 

The boats were not seized and will be returned to their owners.

Davidson County Rescue Squad Inc. told FOX8 that this was a situation that could’ve ended badly if not for people jumping in to help and the combined efforts of the rescue squad, county EMS, fire and other agencies.