FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Two dogs were left outside of the Forsyth County Animal Shelter with a note on Wednesday.

The shelter says that the dogs were secured inside their kennels and left in an easily visible spot.

The shelter is currently seeking more information on the dogs and the person who left them.

FCAS posted the following statement to Facebook:

“To the person who left two dogs outside our facility this morning:

“First off, thank you for leaving them in a spot where we would be sure to see them right away, thank you for securing them in kennels, and thank you for the note.

“We are sure it must’ve been a difficult, heartbreaking decision to leave such adorable dogs and we are equally sure you must be struggling right now to make the decision that this was your only option.

“We would very much like to have more information so please call us at (336) 703-2480 so we may speak to you further about them. No judgement and no criticism, we promise.

“***To everyone else – we kindly request that you make no negative comments about this situation or any others on this post. We do not know this person’s story or what is going on in their life and we are not here to pass judgement about their difficult decision. If you happen to know the person who left these dogs, please ask them to contact us.”

Statement from Forsyth County Animal on Facebook

The note left behind by the dogs’ former owner instructed the shelter to “take good care of them and thank you.”

The note is pictured below:

Note left behind by dogs’ former owner

According to the letter, the two dogs are Simba, an Australian Shepherd mix, and Naia, a German Shepherd mix.

FCAS remains closed to the public at the moment as it awaits the end of a state inspection and is not able to schedule appointments for owner surrenders at this time.