ASHEBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — The North Carolina Zoo announced that it has welcomed two litters of critically endangered red wolf pups.

In the first litter, the zoo said three pups were born to parents Marsh and Roan.

In the second litter, they said six pups were born to parents Denali and May.

Nine pups were born in total, according to the zoo.

Officials said both litters were born behind the scenes as part of the zoo’s contributions to the American Red Wolf SAFE Program.

The North Carolina Zoo shared a photo of some of the pups during their 24-hour checkup.

(North Carolina Zoo)

During the checkup, officials said the pups were visually checked to ensure they were healthy and hydrated.

They said each pup was weighed, sexed and identified by its white blaze chest patch.

The zoo’s vet staff will continue to check on the pups every two weeks to make sure they remain healthy, according to the zoo.

Welcome to the world, little pups!

They join a spate of births here in North Carolina, with a pair of binlets born at the Greensboro Science Center and another litter of red wolf pups born in the eastern part of the state this week.