CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Parents with students within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System have called on school board leaders to investigate, what they call, the encouragement for students to read books with “explicit” material in them.

The calls were made during the public comment section of Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

Parents, like Chad Holly, a Palisades High School parent, said, “I’m calling for an investigation into the principal, the librarian who are promoting this pedophilia this rape and incest.”

Back in February, CMS pulled two books from the shelves at Palisade and West Charlotte High School due to the material within them; Let’s Talk About It, and Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, and Enjoying Your Body.

While parents complained about the books being on shelves, the district explained that they had not been checked out by a student.

Brooke Weiss, a representative from the group Moms for Liberty told school board members Tuesday, “There is a difference between book banning, and a parent insisting that their child doesn’t have unrestricted access to pornographic material in schools.”

Parents asked books that include incest, rape, and the descriptions of oral sex to be removed from the shelves immediately.

Educators who spoke Tuesday night pushed back on the allegations made by the parents.

One parent said, “I believe we have bad actors churning out faux outrage who shrike about things about pornography and inclusion programs. We see you.”

She also went on to say that she agreed that parents should have the right to educate their children about sexual content, but that some parents can ban material for everyone because it makes them uncomfortable.

“I stand opposed to AstroTurf disinformation campaigns aimed at dismantling public education and harming students.”

Another educator said, “Their righteous indignation doesn’t trump others’ right to freely access such material… To those who are deadset on banning books for sex, rape, adultery, slavery, and the like, look no further than the Kings James Version.”

Queen City News reached out to CMS during Tuesday’s meeting with questions on parents’ concerns, or support for educators who have been criticized.

We are waiting for a response.