CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Past-due bills have been paid to an events planner, who claimed the owners of Catawba Brewing owed her thousands of dollars.

“So, I really think that, you know, you all reaching out to me to speak with me kind of helped shape the olive branch a little bit,” Shay Brown told Queen City News.

Last week, when news broke that Catawba Brewing’s taproom in Charlotte suddenly closed, Asheville events planner Shay Brown reached out to Queen City News.

At the time, Brown said, “We have sent email after email, invoice after invoice. We have turned it over to our attorneys and we are just waiting for collection.”

She claimed the new owners of Made By The Water owed her thousands of dollars for events she planned at Catawba’s Asheville South Slope location from May-October of last year.

Made By the Water’s CEO, Alexi Sekmakas, told Queen City News, “We have an ongoing dispute over charges as they correlate to services rendered,” but said he couldn’t comment further on the disagreement.

“When I did the interview with you at 3:30, I think you must have reached out to Catawba because at 6:11 I received an email from them stating that they wanted to settle the matter,” Brown said.

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By the next morning, Brown says the debt was settled after months of sending emails, requesting payment. She also says she’s heard from other business owners who say they too haven’t been paid for the services they provided.

“Speaking with their attorney, he said that they are going through a merger and that they are looking at all past bills and trying to settle all of those,” she said, “and I think it’s important for people in the community to know that.”

Brown says the attorneys with Made By The Water say they’ve received a number of back-owed bills and are working through them.