WADE, N.C. (WNCN) — Two people broke into a Cumberland County home as the woman who lives there watched it happen on her Ring Doorbell App. Minutes later her neighbor shot one of the suspects in the leg.

It happened around 4 a.m. Thursday on Church Street in the Town of Wade.

Linda Parker Barefoot, 79, was not at home and immediately called 911 after getting the alert on her phone Thursday, showing two people on her front porch.

“I’m not home. I just watched this came on my alarm,” the homeowner told the 911 dispatcher.

This is the third time this week someone has burglarized her home.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s records show the home was burglarized on Sunday and Tuesday as well. On Sunday, multiple items were stolen including house/car keys, credit cards, jewelry, collectable coins, and cash. On Tuesday, a Kia in the driveway was burglarized. Some compact disks, loose change, a plastic CD and coin trays were stolen out of the car on this occasion.

Deputies said on Thursday morning,  Ahmad Khalif Smith, 25, and a teen were the ones caught burglarizing the home.

“I called my neighbor and my son-in-law is on the way,” Barefoot told the 911 dispatcher.  “Any weapons?” the dispatcher asked. “I didn’t see anything,” she told the dispatcher.

“Do not approach the person or building. Do not disturb anything at the scene,” the dispatcher told her.

Before deputies arrived, the neighbor and son-in-law arrived on the scene and dialed 911 too.

“Send somebody now. Somebody is inside the house. I’m the son-in-law, one of the neighbors, we are both outside right now,” Barefoot’s son-in-law told the dispatcher.

Investigators said the neighbor, Linwood Hill, 77, took out a gun and shot Smith in his leg as he was coming out of the home.

“My next-door neighbor, they are like yelling, and I just heard a firearm go off,” another neighbor told a dispatcher moments later.

Smith has been charged with second-degree burglary, felony larceny, conspiracy, and possession of stolen goods. A petition has been filed with the Department of Juvenile Justice for the teen suspect to be charged on the same counts.

Following these burglaries and the shooting of a suspect in a residential area, some in this rural Cumberland County community feel crime is on the rise there.

“It’s in a country area. I think it’s allowing for more people to think that they can get away with more criminal activity out here — but our sheriff’s department is doing a great job out here,” said Tony Sloan, owner of the Trauma and Crime Scene (TACS) Team, a business based in Cumberland County that cleans up scenes that have been “exposed to traumatic events.”

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting portion of this incident. They said the 77-year-old neighbor is cooperating with them.